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The Practice Of Meditation

Become A Magnet To Money: Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness
NEW AUDIO BOOK by Bob Proctor of THE SECRET and Michele Blood
This NEW audio book includes 8 CDs
Every book, seminar, life experience that you have had up until now has brought you to this moment in time. This new audio book could very well be THE answer to all those questions about what comes next. It is read by the actual authors, Bob Proctor one of the greatest Transformational Teachers of our time… also one of the main Teachers from The Secret, and his co-author M. A. Blood. This book is their accumulative life’s work of over 60 years. This NEW audio book includes 8 x CDs and is overflowing with tools, surprise gifts, and extra information that is not in the printed version.

Allow their words and vibration to help you move into more than just an intellectual understanding about Success and into the Sea itself.
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New Paradigms
Utilize the Law Of Attraction with a powerful 7 CD Program, "New Paradigms", by star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor with Michele Blood. This program is filled with powerful information on the most important topics you are required to know to use The Law Of Attraction covering topics on Decision, Risk, Communication, Money, Success, and Persistence and with Mind Changing MusiVation/affirmation songs. Do it Now! change your old paradigms to the new positive, wealthy and healthy person that you deserve to be.
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Empower Your Sales
This MusiVationTM program by Michele Blood "Empower Your Sales" contains specific instructions on how you can use you faculties to attract to your self all of the positive business opportunities and of course Sales not matter what type of business you're in. When followed, this great psychological discovery will also help you improve every area of you life because when you are happy in the other areas all good flows including money through successful sales beyond your wildest dreams! Turn your dreams into reality today with "Empower Your Sales".
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The Science Of Getting Rich Audiobook
Use The Law Of Attraction and find out HOW to think and Act in The Certain Way. This Book has inspired millions worldwide including the great Bob Proctor, Loyd Conant to start Nightingale Conant, and Rhonda Byrne to create "The Secret" which was based upon this book. BRAND NEW A Powerful Audio version on 3 CDs read by Michele Blood. If you desire to create more money into your life this NEW audio book will inspire and teach you how to do so. Use The Law Of Attraction and find out HOW to think and Act in The Certain Way.
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The Science Of Being Great Audiobook
This audio version of this POWERFUL and mystical book of truths by the author of "The Science of Getting Rich", Wallace D. Wattles is a MUST for anyone desiring to allow their TRUE Greatness to flow through all that they do and all that they are.
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Mission Possible
This dynamic ensemble decided to get together and create a REAL program based on their own life experience from Drew Heriot as a small child having a mission to help the world to going on and doing just that in many ways including directing and co creating "The Secret". Lawrence and Michele's stories are also inspiring and YOU CAN LEARN how to create your own story YOUR MISSION, YOUR PURPOSE.
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Be A Magnet To Money
This amazing 2 CD program by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor with Michele Blood is a MUST for anyone wishing to understand in detail the Law Of Attraction PLUS it gives you the Tools to begin to attract Money and Success. Money is Freedom-Freedom to live out your dreams, freedom to travel this beautiful world.
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Be Your Perfect Weight
The Perfect Weight program! The newest most effective Psychological breakthrough in weight control. YOU CAN become your PERFECT WEIGHT. YES YOU CAN!!!. It all begins in your mind and the image you have had projected into it over the years. Whether you are UNDER WEIGHT or OVER WEIGHT, this program will be the Genie, the Magic Lamp to light up your MARVELOUS mind to achieve YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT
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Create Miracles
This all inspiring musical tape on creating miracles, will help you reach deep down to create the perfect harmony in every area of your life. With POWERFUL AFFIRMATION songs like, · I AM A MIRACLE · I AM HEALED · DIVINE LOVE · PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS · NEVER LONELY and many others. BEGIN TODAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, whether you are in hospital, have an illness, are depressed or simply feel lost and lonely, use this healing tape as the tool to change your thinking to create the positive results that you so greatly deserve.
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Michele's Magnetic Creative Visualization Program
Here Michele uses her MusiVation™ technique combined with creative visualization. This is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate the mind to new thoughts of wealth and prosperity. The subconscious thinks in pictures so utilizing MusiVation's visualization technique allows your subconscious to literally see your dreams on the screen of your mind. This is a very powerful technique to assist in accelerating your power of money magnetism and also helps reduce stress. Begin today right where you are with Michele's Magnetic Creative Visualization Program.
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Angel Guided Visualization For SUCCESS!
This guided visualization allows you to see for yourself all you have accomplished as if it had already been done. The power of your attention and ability to imagine and feel the life you want is the measure of your inner manifesting force. The great secret to success is to focus the imagination on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without permitting any distraction.
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What's Science Got To Do With It: The Synergy & Science Of Spirituality
Spirituality cannot be discerned through the intellect alone, yet IT may be unfolded into our consciousness as the result of understanding thoughts received from the intellect. There is a path where the intellect of Science can awaken us to the dimension of Spirituality.
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