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Bob Proctor
from The Secret

New Paradigms, Be A Magnet To Money, Be Your Perfect Weight and Songs For Success are all our bets selling MP3's written by the star of THE SECRET Bob Proctor and Michele Blood. We HIGHLY recommend any of these great products read more details below:
BECOME A MAGNET TO MONEY: Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness Ebook This Book can be yours TODAY

Downloadable PDF and MP3 surprise gifts by Best Selling author of "You Were Born Rich "and Teacher from "The Secret" Bob Proctor and Best Selling author Michele Blood. You could be just 5 minutes away from having your dreams come true. This revolutionary book will open your consciousness to the truth of what wealth really is. View Details...

Become A Magnet To Money: Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness
NEW AUDIO BOOK by Bob Proctor of THE SECRET and M. A. Blood
This audio book includes 42 MP3s

Every book, seminar, life experience that you have had up until now has brought you to this moment in time. This new audio book could very well be THE answer to all those questions about what comes next. It is read by the actual authors, Bob Proctor one of the greatest Transformational Teachers of our time also one of the main Teachers from The Secret, and his co-author M. A. Blood. This book is their accumulative lifes work of over 60 years. This audio book includes 8 x CDs and is overflowing with tools, surprise gifts, and extra information that is not in the printed version.

Allow their words and vibration to help you move into more than just an intellectual understanding about Success and into the Sea itself.
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Be a Magnet to Money

This amazing 2 CD program by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor with Michele Blood is a MUST for anyone wishing to understand in detail the Law Of Attraction PLUS it gives you the Tools to begin to attract Money and Success. Money is Freedom-Freedom to live out your dreams, freedom to travel this beautiful world.
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New Paradigms

Utilize this powerful 6 part program by Bob Proctor & Michele Blood. "New Paradigms" This program is filled with powerful information and affirmation songs on Decisions, Communication, Success, Persistence and more. Do it Now! change your old paradigms to the new positive, wealthy and healthy person that you deserve to be.
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MusiVation's Songs For Success (Motivational Music for Success)

Use The Law Of Attraction with a world's first, 10 magnificent MusiVation™ pop songs written by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor, Michele Blood and J. Beatty with positive messages that will go instantly into your subconscious mind.  
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MusiVation's Turbo Charged 30 day Goal Setting, Daily Positive List,
& Free Action Mp3

The combination of this action planner and this action audio program by Bob Proctor and Michele Blood will make you unstoppable. Get these 2 products as a bonus today and begin to take positive ACTION today. Download them NOW and become a FORCE who is truly together. View Details...

Be Your Perfect Weight

The Perfect Weight program! The newest most effective Psychological breakthrough in weight control. YOU CAN become your PERFECT WEIGHT. YES YOU CAN!!!. It all begins in your mind and the image you have had projected into it over the years. Whether you are UNDER WEIGHT or OVER WEIGHT, this program will be the Genie, the Magic Lamp to light up your MARVELOUS mind to achieve YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT.  View Details... Songs for Success

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