Fame & fortune stand there waiting
they will never fade away
Theyíre both yours for the asking
but thereís a price you need to pay

That shovels up the gold
Itís persistence, yes persistence
that brings fame for you to hold

Fame is not a common suitor
And fortuneís fickle I am told
You must develop that one ingredient
Or youíre alone out in the cold

Itís persistence, yes persistence
That expresses what youíve got
Itís persistence, yes persistence
That makes fame & fortune both so hot

You beat resistance with persistence
You stay until the job is done
Your reward will be fulfillment
Youíll know inside that you have won

With persistence, persistence
Iíll go the distance every time
With persistence, yes persistence
If I want it then itís mine

-Michele Blood Music & Bob Proctor