There’s a way to get it moving
To make it happen…to get high
Get firmly planted in the clouds
Join thoughts and let them fly

When your mind joins into others
And all your thoughts melt into one
Thought energy begins to sizzle
And a new force has begun

That force is synergy
Red hot energy
Positive energy
Builds into synergy

When your hearts are joined together
The creative power stars to flow
Wondrous things begin to happen
You are all charged from head to toe

(Chorus Repeat)

With synergy – Hot energy
Pos-it-ive En-er-gy
Grows into syn-er-gy
Synergy’s hot energy

You’ll shine and become magnetic
You’ll draw the good in people out
The whole world will be a better place
And everyone will start to shout

Stimulating, invigorating, emulating and pervading
Face to face, builds the energy
Taste to taste, is the synergy
Thoughts melting into one
A new force has begun
It is synergy, red-hot energy

(Chorus repeats until end)

-M.Blood Music & J. Beatty