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The Practice Of Meditation

Laughing Meditation CD/Tape
This audio program will lift you up IMMEDIATELY into a world of Fun, Laughter and Abundance. Laughter helps build up your immune system, creates a higher vibration and literally will take you from depression and negative thinking into instant positive feelings. After listening to this tape, you will wonder what you were even worrying about. When you are in a higher vibration, you will attract more good in your life and everything will look brighter. Michele created this tape filled with wonderful laughter and affirmations to create instant good feelings and healing.
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Be Your Perfect Weight
The Perfect Weight program! The newest most effective Psychological breakthrough in weight control. YOU CAN become your PERFECT WEIGHT. YES YOU CAN!!!. It all begins in your mind and the image you have had projected into it over the years. Whether you are UNDER WEIGHT or OVER WEIGHT, this program will be the Genie, the Magic Lamp to light up your MARVELOUS mind to achieve YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT
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Create Miracles
This all inspiring musical tape on creating miracles, will help you reach deep down to create the perfect harmony in every area of your life. With POWERFUL AFFIRMATION songs like, · I AM A MIRACLE · I AM HEALED · DIVINE LOVE · PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS · NEVER LONELY and many others. BEGIN TODAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, whether you are in hospital, have an illness, are depressed or simply feel lost and lonely, use this healing tape as the tool to change your thinking to create the positive results that you so greatly deserve.
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Michele's Magnetic Creative Visualization Program
Here Michele uses her MusiVation™ technique combined with creative visualization. This is an extremely powerful tool to accelerate the mind to new thoughts of wealth and prosperity. The subconscious thinks in pictures so utilizing MusiVation's visualization technique allows your subconscious to literally see your dreams on the screen of your mind. This is a very powerful technique to assist in accelerating your power of money magnetism and also helps reduce stress. Begin today right where you are with Michele's Magnetic Creative Visualization Program.
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Food For The Heart and Soul
The 1998 Cookbook of the Year by Writer's Digest Magazine, Food For The Heart and Soul: The Art of Cooking En Concert features quick, deliciously simple and good for you menus; complete with nutritional guidelines, even grocery lists for ease and less stress. The recipe pages include inspirational quotes to sooth your soul and a 21 track musical CD to lift your spirits after a busy day. This book fits today's lifestyles.
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