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The Practice Of Meditation

MusiVation's Songs for Success
Use The Law Of Attraction with a world's first, 10 magnificent MusiVation™ pop songs written by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor, Michele Blood and J. Beatty with positive messages that will go instantly into your subconscious mind.
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Songs For Motivation
This is our second compilation CD of our most powerful and worldwide popular MusiVation Success Affirmation Songs series. In 'Songs For MotiVation' here are 9 of our most powerful Songs to help ANYONE program their powerful mind back to its pure state where we FEEL enthusiasm for life and self motivated. Where we know we can achieve anything. These songs affect the right and left hemispheres of the brain so you have a whole brain experience and the affirmations go into the treasury of your powerful subconscious mind 300 times faster than any other method.
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Let's Get Metaphysical With LOVE
Songs To Raise Divine Consciousness
This album is dedicated to Guruji (Mahendra Kumar Trivedi)
This is a very special album filled with songs that have been infused with Divine Love and conscious intention that all who hear the songs are uplifted in consciousness.
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I CAN DO IT Positive Self Esteem Songs for KIDZ
This CD is a must for all parents and teachers who desire for their children to grow up with an attitude of joy, love and with a great positive I CAN attitude. Filled with amazing positive fun songs for kidz from ages 0-7.
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Laughing Meditation CD
This audio program will lift you up IMMEDIATELY into a world of Fun, Laughter and Abundance. Laughter helps build up your immune system, creates a higher vibration and literally will take you from depression and negative thinking into instant positive feelings. After listening to this tape, you will wonder what you were even worrying about. When you are in a higher vibration, you will attract more good in your life and everything will look brighter. Michele created this tape filled with wonderful laughter and affirmations to create instant good feelings and healing.
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Be A Magnet to Money Screen Saver
When we are immersed in the day-to-day details of our business, it is far too easy to take our minds off our BIG VISION. When we take our minds away from the SUCCESS we want to attract, well my friend, that is when the obstacles to our success appear. NOW with this powerful BE A MAGNET TO MONEY screen saver, you will keep your mind and thoughts focused on what you do want:MONEY and SUCCESS.PLUS, with the PERSISTENCE song, you will want to PERSIST UNTIL YOU SUCCEED!!
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