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Motivational Ringtones - Program Yourself To SUCCESS with these POWERFUL Ringtones for Success
Motivational Ringtones

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New Real Tones Have Arrived! - Delivered Directly to Your Phone

Musivation™ Health & Healing
Q: How Do I Get Started?
A: You can join a monthly subscription and receive 10 new RingTones EVERY month for only for $5.95 or purchase a single ringtune and receive one free for only $2.50 (click on the "Buy IT" button for single purchases and click on 10 Pack on Home Page for the amazing 10 a month)
Q: Why haven't I received my ringtone yet?
A: Ringtones usually take a few minutes (or seconds) to reach your phone depending on a your carrier's network traffic, your service area, your signal, your phones Internet connection, and other factors
Q: Where in my cellphone do I look for the ringtune?
A: Look for the ringtune link in your "Message Inbox." Some carriers have more than one "Message Inbox". Then to make matters more complicated, some phone models have different names for this inbox. So, depending on your phone and your carrier, you may have to look in your "Net Messages", or "Service Inbox", or "Funbox", or "Browser Message Inbox", or simply "Push Inbox" in addition to your regular "Messages" in box.
Q: I received the message with the link. What shall I do to download my item?
A: Once you find the link proceed to open it. You can do this by, once you open your text message, to open your options menu and choose the option that says "Go To", "Follow Link", "Download Link", or something similar. If you don't have one of the options or something similar you will need to contact your cellular phone provider for help. Once you select the download option, this will begin the download process which may take approximately 30 seconds. Once you are finished downloading, the ringtone will play and you will be given the option of storing it as a ringtone onto you cellphone.
Q: Why can't I download when I click on the link?
A: Please ask your wireless carrier how to adjust your settings. You may experience difficulty if your cellphone does not have web access or is not enable for MP3 downloads. Most of the newer model cell phones have MP3 capabilities but many older models do not. Also WAP might not be set up correctly on your cell phone. Please ask your wireless carrier how to adjust your settings or click on the respective link below: - AT&T WAP settings( - Tmobile WAP settings

Q: Are MusivationRingTones available outside of the United States?
A: Yes. Here are some guidelines on how to input your mobile number for those success minded folks who live outside of the United States. NOW all success minded people and that is YOU my friend wherever you are in the world can also have these amazing Ringtones.

The following table gives 2 examples of how to convert a local number into an International Format number for MusiVation RingTones TM. All countries work if you follow these directions

CountryCountry CodeLocal Mobile # Format to Use
Australia 610402 240 350 61402240350
United Kingdom44 07700 954 321 447700954321

Simply add your country code your mobile number minus the first 0 if you have this and make sure there are no spaces. Then check for text message and go to read and then your password will come up on your mobile and then input password into our website and then Ringtone URL will appear in your text message. Next you GO TO and download where you would like it as a Ringtone or wakeup or whatever you want for your positive use.

Numbers in International Format should only contain the digits 0123456789. There should be no spaces or punctuation. Numbers must start with the country code of the country that you want your messages to be delivered to.

Do not include the international dialing prefix which is often 011 (e.g. in the USA), 00 (e.g. in Europe, South America) but is sometimes 001 (e.g. in Japan) or 009 (in Nigeria) etc.

Of course your mobile must have web access and the ability to download a MP3 Have FUN and look at your life improve as your mind is uplifted everytime you hear our Ringtones. You can even change the ringtone for every day of the week.

If you have further questions please contact us at MusivationRingtones

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