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Motivational Ringtones - Program Yourself To SUCCESS with MusiVation RingTones TM
Motivational Ringtones

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Dear Ringtones for Success Customers:

As of right now the only way to use these amazing, positive ring tones is to have a cell/mobile phone that can download and play MP3 files and you must have web access. If you are not sure if your cell phone meets these requirements then please do one of the following:

Contact your service provider and ask them if your phone has the ability to play and receive MP3 files. Make sure you have the model and make of your phone. You can usually find this under your cell phone battery on the back of the cell phone.

You can also go to the manufacturer's web site of your cell phone. Once there you can search for the make and model of your cell phone and it will list all of the specifications of your model. Within that list there will be a section under Multimedia, Sound, Speaker Type, etc.

Make sure under that heading it includes the word MP3. Refer to the owner's manual of your cell phone. If you do not have the owner's manual, you can usually download one off of the web site for the manufacturer of your cell phone.

It is worth it to you in so many to update your cell phone if it does not have these features as everytime you hear one of our Ringtunes you WILL be a powerful Magnet to all good. So do it my friend you will be so happy you did.

Love and Success

Michele Blood xxx
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