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Positive Songs Music for Children

MusiVation™ Presents
I CAN DO IT Positive Music, Self Esteem Songs for K I D Z
by Michele and her animal friends.
Recommended for children ages 0-9

Copyright 2003

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**Also available at Tower Records!

Positive Songs, Music for Children
1. I Can Do It Joey, the Baby Kangaroo from Australia
2. I Am Love Goldie the Baby Dove of Love
3. I Am Strong and Beautiful Mr. Purr the Baby Bengal Tiger from India
4. I Love My Family Miss Lee the Baby Panda Bear from China
5. I Am a Miracle Colleen the Irish Setter Puppy from Ireland
6. I am Perfect Carlos the Baby Coqui Frog from Puerto Rico
7. I Live to Love and Forgive Baby Orangutan from Malaysia/Indonesia
8. I am Divine Love Divine the Coyote Puppy from North America

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This CD is a must for all parents and teachers who desire for their children to grow up with an attitude of joy, love and with a great positive I CAN attitude. Filled with amazing positive fun songs for kidz from new borns 0 - 7. Why from new borns? Because babies begin to take in ALL thoughts immediately that they are born. They are WIDE open to all we say and all that they hear and then these things become their belief systems as adults.

What we feed our children's minds creates WHO they will be as adults. I feel is it OUR responsibility to help children grow up without all the hangs ups and negativity we have all had to work so hard to release as adults. Michele Blood has also been wise enough to go a step further and have beautiful little animals speak before each song and educate the kidz a bit more about our beautiful animals from all over the world.

There is Joey the baby Kangaroo from Australia, Little Lee the baby Panda from China, Beautiful Carlos the baby Coqui frog from Puerto Rico, Mr. Purr the Bengal Tiger from India, Goldie The Dove of Love and many other wonderful baby animals that will be talking to the children before each song and educating and giving them uplifting and fun self esteem messages to introduce each wonderful song.

What a gift this I CAN DO IT album of songs is for our world. ORDER YOURS TODAY!!

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"Michele Blood's inspirational "I Can Do It-Positive Self-Esteem Songs For KIDZ," CD will help to transform the lives of our future generations. Children will learn to truly love and believe in themselves, allowing them to manifest their dreams at such a young age! Michele's songs are an important component of our Quantum Education System TM a new educational paradigm that will raise the level of consciousness in our school systems. We personally listen to this CD to awaken the free spirited child within each and every one of us. Thank you Michele for your gift to children of all ages!"
Roopa Chari, M.D. and Deepak Chari
The Chari Center of Health, Inc. Del Mar , CA

"Michele's 'I Can Do It' CD for KIDZ is so precious, so fundamentally sound and so evolutionary in it's content! To be able to offer these impactful, enchanting songs to children will shift the educational process from teaching to empowering. Once again, Michele, you've mastered the keys for positivism and packaged them beautifully and lovingly for our youth. We will be using your 'I Can Do It' KIDZ CD in all of our CosmiKids locations, including our home at "The Chopra Center" at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsad, California; W will be implementing these wonderful, uplifting songs as well as Michele Bloods other incredible songs from your empowering motivational Success system, into our school and community programs for parents, teachers and kids. It's all part of our Quantum Education System that is strategically designed to powerfully and positively impact the way we educate our youth!"
Judy Williams, Founder of 'CosmiKids'
Enrichment program for children.

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