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The Practice Of Meditation

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Hi from Michele, There truly are so many wonderful tools and people around these days to help us grow, learn and become healthier, happier etc. How do we know which websites, people, products, books to check out. Well we always love it when our favorite authors recommend books etc to us so we have done the same thing for you. Following are Actors, Editors, Photographers, Fascinating insightful Websites, Books, Audio Programs, DVD's, Health specialists and Services from people we know well and we highly recommend you check out. Have fun!!


Daniel Wallace, Professional Voice Over work and Actor. Entertainment.
Professional Voice Over, Acting, bringing love and positive energy to all projects. "I highly recommend Daniel for any of your voice over work and acting. He is a true professional who will add so much to any project/film/infomercial you have." Michele Blood Daniel Wallace, Entertainment. Go to his Website: Call (541) 659-6769 or (541) 476-6769 E-Mail:

Christopher Ruiz, Professional Actor
Christopher is a very talented actor and also part owner of "Parados Theatre Company." He is currently writing and producing his own film projects. His Website is: E-Mail:

Jon La Fleur, Professional Actor
A dependable, talented, experienced professional actor who is time conscious and passionate about bringing the producer and directors dream to the screen. Go to his website: Call (818) 342-2021 E-Mail: JON@JONLAFLEUR.COM

David Dortch, Professional Actor
A very talented and giving actor who believes in the American Dream. "As a Professional Actor my job is to take the Producers and Directors thoughts and the Writers words and bring them to life onto the screen and that is what I do. I love this profession." Go to his Website: E-Mail:

Cortelious Youri, SAG Professional Actor
"I'm a very versatile actor, from a gentile Doctor, husband or brother to a very aggressive Mobster and detective. I love to act and always put 1000% into all that I do to have the producers dream come to life." His Website is: E-Mail:

Jose Rodriguez, Professional Actor
A very talented, dedicated and passionate actor. Jose helps bring to life the visions and dreams of many Producers and Directors to the big screen. Jose now lives in California where he is dedicated to his craft and is pursuing his dream in the Entertainment Industry. Please visit his Website today Website: Call: (714) 335-7335 E-Mail:

Liam Stone, Professional Actor
Handsome exotic six foot tall brunette actor, model, and dancer. Liam Stone is Hollywood's new breed of spiritually, sexy leading men. Email: Call: APS Entertainment: (323) 462-2777

Maile Stone, Professional Child Actor
This beautiful young girl is a truly gifted actress. She is the daughter of Liam Stone and so her work ethic and professionalism is outstanding for one so young. Check out her Website today at: E-mail: Agent's Web page:

Janét Vincent Lee, Professional Actor
Janét is an award winning actress as well as a published singer/songwriter, historic costumer, and dialect coach for actors. She is a dream to work with and a great positive energy on any set. Please visit her website at: E-Mail:

Joseph Conarkov, SAG Professional Actor
Performing in Musical Theater, Stage, TV and Film. Joseph is a true talent and gives his all to every project he works on. "He is also a very gifted film editor, who I have personally worked with on my TV shows and our Hollywood Success DVD Training system. You will find him a gorgeous person inside and out to work with. Joseph has also started an organization in California to help out teens check out, we ALL adore Joseph and I know you will too." Michele Blood Website Address: Phone: Berzon Talent Agency (949) 631-5936 E-Mail:

Andrew Roa, SAG, Professional Actor
A SAG actor for several years who has worked with many stars in film, television, and stage. A recent award recipient for Outstanding Theatre Performance for his work in, "Please Do Not Touch The Indians." His performances are always notable and his attitude is completely professional. "I have seen Andrew perform in plays and film and he is so charismatic you cannot keep your eyes off him. A great leading man for any project and a wonderful talent." Michele Blood Contact agent: Susan Nathe (323) 653.7573 Website: Contact Andrew: (310) 205.2610 E-Mail: ANDREW@ANDREWROA.COM

Books, CD's, Screenplays and DVD Programs
from Extraordinary Writers and Minds

"Finding Comfort in Your Own Skin" Book by J'en El
This book contains all the tools required for living "freely and out loud" by providing clear, concise methods for attaining clarity, focus, balance, and ultimate well being in your life and relationships. "J'en El is so amazing at helping US see how we can create our own reality in every area of our lives. This powerful book covers many topics including health, wealth and gives step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the looks and confidence you have always dreamed of achieving. If you are still alive it is never to late to begin a new. Let this book show you how." Michele Blood. Get this awesome book today. Go to E-Mail:

"A Matter Of Time" by Don Kirchner
A dramatic true story of human redemption and turning adversity into advantage through personal courage and right choice of attitude. "This amazing story about the author himself is ready for development. They are seeking funding, director and A-List talent. In my opinion this remarkable True Story will be an important major life changing and award winning film." Michele Blood Dons Website: Call: (928) 284-1898 E-Mail:

"Finding Comfort in All Your Relationships- Instructions Included" Audio CD Program by J'en El
This powerful CD program will show you how to reclaim your inherent success, joy, and vibrant well-being by seeing yourself, the world, and others in an entirely different way. "J'en El is so amazing at helping US see how many of our challenges from our relationships stem from our own belief system she will guide you AND your loved ones into a relationship that dreams are made of. A MUST for all seeking joy and harmony in relationships and isn't that all of us :." Michele Blood. Get this awesome CD program today. Go to: E-Mail:

"The Path to Personal Success and Freedom: Turning Hurdles into Stepping Stones." Book By Julie Belmont
Talent/Services: Writer, speaker, artist, spiritual consultant/coach. "I adore Julies Book follow this book and you will soon find the blocks that have stopped your success and attract not only success in your career and life but also peace of mind and joy. Julie is a wonderful person and a very gifted lady and Life coach." Michele Blood. Her Website is: E-Mail:

Harvest Of Illusion" Book by George C. Wallach
Harvest of Illusion is a profound, fascinating and entertaining novel concerning our capability to help each other, the planet and ourselves. "This book is my favorite new fictional book. I have already read it twice and I recommend it to literally everyone I meet. It is a sci fi metaphysical drama that has romance, aliens, you name it. It compels you to turn each page as quickly as possible to see if our planet will be saved or destroyed. At the same time we learn priceless metaphysical lessons. THIS BOOK WILL be a major movie. I recommend producers read this book ASAP before someone else grabs the screen rights. It is BRILLIANT." Michele Blood. Go now and order inspiring book Website: Email:

Comedy DVD for Healing "The Poopinator" by Mary E Andrews
If you have been diagnosed with a dis-ease, watch The Poopinator: How One Woman Found Humor and Healing, and experience the incredible power of laughter. "This DVD is amazing and includes a live comedy routine written and performed by Mary Andrews. "Mary was diagnosed with Cancer and was healed. Let this amazing DVD help you. Includes ideas and health advice to get you on your way to healing, joy and a long healthy life." Michele Blood. Go to her Website today and order: E-Mail:

"Clear Limiting Beliefs" and "Creative Problem Solver" Success Audio CDS by Amanda Goldston
These powerful Success CD's will help you to Relax your way to Success! No hypnosis or Subliminal. Check out Amanda's Website today. E-Mail: Phone: (G, Britain) (+44) (0) 1827 52995

"The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story For A New Day" Book by Dave Pipitone
Buy and read this inspiring story. "This book will make this most beautiful fantasy film. I highly recommend filmmakers read this book and see the huge potential of a book that not only is highly entertaining for children but also gives positive lessons for life." Michele Blood. Dave's Website is: E-Mail:

"What Does Age Have To do With It?" Book By Ingrid Kern "What Does Age Have To do With It?"
A truly wonderful book to help guide you though the maze of life with the experience of professionals and to come out of it ready to BEGIN a new exciting successful life. Her Website is: Call (310) 254-4551 E-Mail: Ingrid

"Lions, Tigers and Redheads…Tales from the Streets"
An amazing Book and more By Debra Krishna Jessick What to do where to go when you or a loved one has an addiction problem. "Finding ones dream after living a nightmare is a Miracle and I believe everyone deserves that Miracle!" Visit Krishna's Website today, she is also a wonderful life coach and addiction counselor. Call (949) 289-2752 E-Mail:

Lionhearted Entertainment and Publishing Film Production Company & publishing company Mary Ann Heathman, Pres/CEO
Thirty-six plus award winning genre novels, (including great positive romance novels) spiritual and non-fiction books. Truly great story content the new Hollywood Seeks-positive messages for the planet. Their Website: E-Mail: Call: (888) LION-HRT (888-546-6478)

"Angel Fingerprints" Book by Sharon Kay
Inspirational books, bead art and connections to the "Angel Fingerprints" others are leaving on our world. "Sharon Kays books are so beautiful, give them as gifts and watch peoples hearts open. I ADORE 'One Light, One Love' an exquisite hard cover book that I ALAWAYS buy as a gift for engagements and wedding gifts. Every couple must have this book. You can get this book on" Michele Blood. Her wonderful Website is: Call 602-881-3884 E-Mail:

Andrew Roa, Screenwriter/Producer
Two of his screenplays have been produced and he is moving forward with two more. He is currently seeking a director and A-list talent for, "24 HOURS IN VEGAS," and "QUEST FOR NOCTURNE." Both screenplays have received outstanding reviews from industry professionals. Andrew has also produced two independent films, IF and COWBOYS & INDIANS. "24 Hours in Vegas by Andrew Roa is an amazing screenplay, I could not put it down. I sent it to Flower Films Drew Barrymoore's production company as Andrew had Drew in mind for one of the main leads. Her company adored it. In fact they also could not put it down and as Drew is presently doing another Las Vegas film that was the only reason she could not do it. This screenplay was such a page turner I was totally hooked. Its going to be a truly fun exciting film." Michele Blood Website: Call: (310) 205-2610

Alex Giorgio, Fly By the "Seat of Your Heart"
As an entertainer or entrepreneur you probably have a TypeE personality. Take the 60 second TypeE Quiz online NOW to discover how to "Live on the Edge Without Falling Off!" Michele says," Alex's CD set is AMAZING. I drove back from New Mexico to La Jolla listening to it. You will grow and learn soooo much about yourself and others from Alex. He is the BEST in this field worldwide. go to his website today."
Call: (413) 541-0456

Cynthia McCoy, Beautiful and Unique Jewelry
Original Cyn specializes in one-of-a-kind and limited edition fine jewelry through which men and women satisfy their need for self-expressive adornment. My designs use vibrant colored stones and pearls, set in various metals, and focus not only on aesthetic qualities but also energy properties of various colored stones. My designs assist the wearer in honoring and expressing their individual identity. Michele says" Cynthia's jewelry is powerful to wear and so very beautiful."
Call: (602) 274-9563

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Counseling and Healing
Breakthrough Therapies" and "The Book of Crystal AcupunctureSM" & TeragramSM & Therapy Diagrams" by Margaret Rogers Van Coops. Ph.D. Astounding emotional, mental and spiritual educational insights combined with innovative, non-invasive self-treatments. 40 years of research led to Dr. Margaret's therapies, which have provided amazing healing results. Go to our website below to have free download hypnosis Cd's: "You & Kandoo" or "The 3-Mind Induction". Michele says" What Margaret has developed is astounding you must visit her website today."
Call: (928) 453-7974

Barbara Robins, Heal and Empower Your Life Through Natural Bioenergetics
Most people experience immediate results with Barbara Robins highly effective distance healing for physical, emotional and career challenges. Try a free introductory session and her powerful recorded healing sets. Michele says "Barbara is amazing take advantage of her free offer you will be so happy you did."
Call: (847) 566-6559

Editor/ Photographer Michele Recommends

Alix Haisha, Photography Design Studio/Once Upon A Family
"When you want a great still photographer on set or for any event, my friend Alix is the girl for you. She is excellent and of course is also a positive person to be around." Check out her work at: Call (720) 255-1060

Barry Boyle, Director and EDITOR
"My friend Barry is an award winning Editor and Producer originally from Australia and he has had over 15 years experience. Barry has edited commercials and movie trailers for so many including; Chanel, ESPN, Warner Bros, Mac Cosmetics, Time Warner, Universal. Barry has won many awards including ProMax Gold award for editing. He now lives in Los Angeles. His work is awesome plus he is a really great bloke you'll love him." Michele Blood. Cutting Commercials, Films TV and Documentary. Mostly on AVID. E-Mail: Day Phone: 310- 2613176

Websites and Services
These following people we know well and we highly recommend. Covering; health, life coaches, business, metaphysics, beauty products and so much more. Each one of these websites and the people involved come from integrity and excellence. Check them out!

Elaine Dodson, 5 Star Sacred Journey Retreats
Life-Changing, Extraordinary, Transformational, Luxury Body-Mind-Spirit Adventures for Women, Couples & Groups high in the Sierra Madres of Central Mexico. Relax in our exquisite 5-star mountaintop hacienda and enjoy delicious healthy organic meals. Custom retreat programs available.

Website Address:

Prosperity Academy
Amazing resource Internet site to assist you on your journey to Prosperity, Wealth and Incredible Abundance!
"I highly recommend this site. It has many great tools, products, insights and programs to help you on your way to profound joy and success." -Michele Blood

Website Address:

Ade, On Eagles Wings To Success
The work at home ideas marketing group on the Internet that has actually helped thousands of people start making money from their own homes. Our website:
Or call: UK (44) 207 -871-5220 or US 1-(650) 276-0574 E-Mail :

Bill & Kiyo Kirk "Sending out cards" is a concept that is changing people's personal and professional lives one card at a time. If you have challenges remembering birthdays, etc., this service is truly amazing. Our Website is: Call: (951) 246-2782 E-Mail:

Stephan Barnes "Health & Wellness"
Why FoodMatrix™ Supplements? FoodMatrix™ technology is supported by Nobel Prize winning science and its claims are amazing and have been legally validated in court! Check it out today on my Website: Call (804) 403-3234 E-Mail:

Jolly Stickley, Energy Restructure
"Energy Restructure is a new technique using nine layers of the emotional body. It is a gift from God. A phenomenal experience used to clear your past and fully live the dream in your heart. Let me help you TODAY have your dreams come true." Visit my Website: Call: (540) 255-3519 E-Mail:

Mary Dunn, Grow Healthier and Release Weight
Nutritional products and supplements to help your body to be SLIM, TRIM and full of life force and renewed energy. You will feel and look better than ever before in your life. Website: Call: (408) 778-7049 E-Mail:

Sean Barnes, MD., Ph.D. "Be a Partner in the Wellness Industry"
Learn how to help yourself and others achieve optimal health and financial freedom. You deserve to not only be healthy but also wealthy. Check out my Website today at: Call (434) 295-9193 E-Mail:

Cynthia Goranson, Weight Loss
World class weight loss, nutrition and sports performance products to enhance your nutrition, supports mental focus and vibrant energy. If you have a weight issue check this out today!! Check out her Websites today at: & Call (505) 872-3574 E-Mail:

Miluna Fausch, Counseling Service - Health and Wellness
Facing illness, surgery or nagging health issues? Short term therapy that WORKS on physical, mental and Spiritual Goals. Get health today. Visit my Website at: E-Mail:

Carla A. Visha, M.D. Global Health/ Electro-pollution Solutions
Protect those you love from the dangers of cell phone radiation and earn money too! 1-800-891-9873 (24 Hour recorded message) "I personally use this great technology on all my phones" Michele Blood. Her Website is:
Call: (530) 753-6456

Diane Wanklin, Health and Wellness
People everywhere are discovering the amazing healing properties in this amazing health drink "Limu" and its amazing life enhancing benefits. See for yourself by visiting Diane's Website: Call: 1-877-Get-Limu Email:

Frank Rosebrock, Health
Energize yourself with Amazonian Rainforest fruits, stay healthy, save the Rainforest and generate an extra money flow! His web site is: E-Mail:

Jocelyn Kyriss, Senegence Cosmetics
Long-lasting botanical based cosmetics with new color technology adds moisture and sunscreen that STAYS on until you take it off. "I have been using the lip stick from Senegence for over three years. It is the ONLY lipstick that I have used that stays on right throughout a full day seminar or a full day TV shoot. I love, love, love this product and their eyeliner is also awesome, stays on all day and all night." Michele Blood Website: E-Mail: Call: (858) 273-4720

Annette Puga, Online Trading
Online trading is the greatest wealth building event of this century. Learn to trade the Forex with our proven system. Her Website is: Call: (559) 243-0213 E-Mail:

Amy Keast, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Patch
I am a Pharmacist working in the Wellness Industry. I'm utilizing a homeopathic, transdermal "fat" loss patch with amazing results. Her Website is: Call: (712) 755-7752 E-mail:

Dave and Cheryl Pipitone Clean Air with EcoQuest
Live and Healthy and Beautiful life NOW! Improve air, water, nutrition, and your physical appearance with these exclusive technology products. "I have been buying these amazing air purifiers for my home, office and I even have a small one I can hang around my neck for air travel which is awesome as I travel so much. It is the best I have even used." -Michele Blood
Dave and Cheryl's Website is:

Michele Blood, Health and Beauty Care Products
"I came across this most amazing skin care product 2 years ago called Sensé through my friend J'en El by simply asking her why her skin was so incredible. She looks half her age. I will not use anything else on my face again. They also have an awesome cleanse to detox the body and help us release weight. Not only are the products all natural they WORK!!" USANA Health Sciences manufactures the highest quality and the most complete and balanced pharmaceutical/medical grade nutritional & sports supplements, as well as safe weight loss/fat release/detox products available anywhere. Rated #1 in the "Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements. For more information and to purchase USANA and Sensé products at 10% below wholesale, and mention my name, Michele Blood when you visit the website or call (858) 485-1566 "This could also be a GREAT extra source of income for you to work be excited about with J'en El and I." Website is:

I highly recommend John Endara for any web work. He does ALL of our wonderful websites AND he can also turn your books into ebooks/products. Enlightened Website Design

Also visit the world's FIRST positive success TV show on the internet Covering over 20 categories of topics and interview with world leaders in self improvement from Children's positive education, Hollywood, Business, Money, Health, Beauty, Exercise, Golf, Music, Metaphysics, Healing and so much more.

Shelby Collinge, "26 Week Challenge So You Virtually Print Money on Demand"
Are you challenged by needing more clients, more prospects or new ideas to grow your business? Are you achieving all you can? Imagine having a profitable money making fulfilling business. YOU CAN release your old beliefs and create REAL SUCCESS. Take the 26 Week Challenge NOW and get out of your own way and reach that next level!
Website: or
Call: (800) 680-4438

Jessica & Ron LaRock, Create The Life You Desire
Scientific evidence combined with spiritual Laws, proving that we are in charge of our destiny. We have immense power to create the successful, joyful, and abundant life we all deserve. Michele says "Jessica is wonderful, check out all she has to offer today."
Call: (845) 677-5777

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