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The Practice Of Meditation
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Use the Law Of Attraction EVERY time your cell phone Rings, with the world famous first and only RingTones For Success!

Imagine every time your cell/mobile rings you get to hear the most powerful affirmations and MusiVation™ music PLUS the actual voices of many of our world's greatest authors saying to you “You are A Magnet To Money” and “You are a Winner” and so much more. Includes RingTones from Rev, Ike, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and our NEW “Think Positive Thoughts For Your Wish Is My Command Genie RingTones”, PLUS many categories for your Success in Business, Career, for Actors, For Romance, and so much more …………including FUN Self Esteem RingTones for KIDS!!
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Imagine being able to learn one on one with the world's Greatest Minds on Success for FREE…………well now you can with The world's first positive SUCCESS TV show on the Internet. PLUS ITS 100% FREE!

This amazing TV website began in 1997 and with a team of the world's BEST we invested lovingly 6 years of LOVE and Excellence to find and interview the WORLD'S greatest Minds to help YOU and our beautiful world improve every area of one's life. Includes many interviews and categories of Success and Spirituality you can imagine…………. PLUS IT'S FREE!!!! Learn from the streamed footage of interviews with our world’s leaders in Self Improvement, Success, $$$Money Magnetism, Children’s Education, Communication, Romance, and much, much MORE……… (20 categories)
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See for yourself this amazing Success DVD Home Training System.
This system not only teaches in-depth instructions on How To Use the Law Of Attraction it also gives you all the tools to create a successful business.

Now for the first time, Michele has created just for you the most comprehensive Success System ever offered, combining the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies along with her amazing MusiVation™ discovery. You too can learn how to Become a POWERFUL A Magnet To Success.
Includes DVDs from live seminars, PLUS Michele’s BEYOND Success Business Training System and so much more. Learn How to Write A Book in 3-30 days, How To Write Business Plans, and How To Use The Law Of Attraction with Ease and Grace. Anyone can discover Success when they know HOW!!
HERE is our main and FIRST website (Up since 1995) where you can access all of the Unique and world's ONLY Songs For Success, Songs For Motivation, and ALL of our powerful MusiVation™ affirmation music and so much more…..

Listening to these MusiVation™ affirmation songs works 300 times faster than merely saying affirmations to your self. This is where you can use the Law Of Attraction to become a powerful Magnet To Money and Success PLUS it's Fun. These songs not only help you Attract Success they also keep you in a HIGH Frequency of Joy and Positivity which is the Secret of all Success!!
Learn how to Become a Magnet To Money and So Much More. Included on this site are many free success gifts including a ONE Hour Streamed live seminar, Products from Bob Proctor, and so much more. These powerful MusiVation™ products will change you mind to prosperity thinking and beyond. Also look for the amazing CD for children "I can do it Self Esteem songs for KIDZ"
If you are an actor or anyone wishing to learn the 101 training required to become a Success in the Entertainment world then this best selling book and DVD Home Training System is an Absolute MUST. (Winner of the Irwin Award.)

Learn all about how to make it in show business by using The Law Of Attraction as success in this business does NOT happen just by chance as some who have not yet succeeded let themselves believe. When you learn the Metaphysical way WITH step- -by-step instructions and advice from the world's best on how to work with Agents, Contracts, Auditions, Networking with Producers, and so much more. In this best selling book there is an introduction by Stephen Simon, Creator of "The Spiritual Cinema Circle", Director of "Indigo", "Conversations with God", and Producer of Academy® award winning "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. Get the book as an ebook or the actual magical book today………..Plus the Complete DVD system "Become A Magnet To Hollywood Success Training System" TODAY!! Once you have gone through it you will wonder where all of this information has been hiding all these years and life will become magical…………….
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Check out this site today and hear a free audio from Michele Blood and Dr. Lawrence T. Bond sharing and explaining to you all of the magic that becoming a member of this club will give you, PLUS more tools for Success than you could ever Imagine. Our members are like YOU! Positive Minded individuals helping each other to navigate with great Success this thing called LIFE to GREAT SUCCESS!!
Life is Magic……….. See for yourself when you become a member today!!
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